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2008-03-02 23:28:21 by Ogama-Prime

Hey Newgrounders. I decided to start a new series on youtube called Nintenchallenge. Nintenchallenge is like a compention where you guys give me a callenge that you couldn't do on your video games. Nintenchallenges start at the beginning of each week at the time where you out of school. Here are the games I have for the challenge.

Virtual Consules:

Super Mario Bros 2
Super Mario 64
Kirby Adventure
Star Fox 64
Kirby 64
Mario Kart 64
Donkey Kong Country
Donkey Kong Country 2
Donkey Kong Country 3


Super Smash Bros Melee
Super Mario Sunshine
Tak 2: The Staff of Dreams
Tak 3: The Great Juju challenge
Mario Party 5
Mario Party 7


Super Mario Galaxy
DBZ Budokia Tenkaichi 3
Mario Party 8
Mario and Sonic at the Olympic games

Playstation 2:

Kingdom Hearts
Kingdom Hearts 2
Sonic Mega Collection

More to come

Send your response to me at my email:

Anyway, My flash is about 45% done. I should finish it late March (Maybe in mid). Anyway, take care.

Happy Valentines Day!

2008-02-14 18:14:53 by Ogama-Prime

Hey, guys. It Valentines Day. I have submited my Bubble Bobble flash. Go check it out. It about a minute and a half.

Bubble Bobble: Big Bubble

I also have a 4-day weekend. In which, I can finish another flash that is related to the game "Duck Hunt". I hope I can get it done anytime soon.


Bubble Bobble flash.

2008-02-12 21:54:37 by Ogama-Prime

Hey guys, Been a while. I have just finish my new flash besides the others like "Cartman's Cake" or "Metal kong". It called "Bubble Bobble: Big Bubble". A bubble bobble paraody. I that is left to do is wait for the beta testing. I planning on releasing on Valentines day. I hope I get a response tommorrow. I hoping this goes well. It pretty short though, like a minute and a half.

DS error in Parthers in time

2008-01-25 22:13:05 by Ogama-Prime

Hey, guys. I was testing out the no$gba. I got "Mario and Luigi: Parthers in Time", "New Super Mario Bros", and "Sonic Rush". There are one problem with Mario and Luigi: PIT. There is this glitch when every time I save the game, the game crashes. The only farthest I can get is to the part where Mario and Luigi fell into the hole thingy. I found this unfair for someone to upload a game where it has a glitch in it. I really wanted to play it. If they don't fix this error, then I gonna get my own DS and get the game myself.

Now, one to flash works. I have to say, It is aready January 25th. I'm sorry I couldn't finish because of my extreme lack of continuing. For some reason, I not really motivated into finishing it. But the good part is, I will subbit part of the flash to youtube. I be doing that tomorrow. The problem is that it will crappy. Because the active sprites don't seem to work when I put them on Windows movie maker. If anyone knows how to do that, please let me know. (If you want to see the whole better verson). But with any luck, It'll be a little enjoyable. My youtube user name is "Vegetaking105". I will subbit episode 1 on newgrounds along with episode 2 in April.

The Rockets Trailer

Also, I making a Valetines day flash based on a the cartoon south park flash called "Cartman's Strawberry Cake". I'm going to be doing a drawing movie. It will be a Frame-by-Frame work. It going to be 3-4 minutes long. It about Cartman making a strawberry cake for a bake sale at his school.

Peace. Also here's a picture of my laptop.

Also, join The Legend of Zelda Collab.

DS error in Parthers in time

Bad news.

2008-01-22 21:21:54 by Ogama-Prime

I'm not motivated into finishing the rockets. It about 80% done. I'm having hard time getting back to work on this flash, but I'm not really motivated into finishing it. sorry guys.

PS: "The rockets" are on hold until i'm motivated enough into finishing it.

The rockets: Coming January 25th

2008-01-15 16:53:08 by Ogama-Prime

Hey, guys whos care about my flashes.

My new flash: "The rockets" is almost done. I should be able to post it on January 25th. All I need is to add the other animation, the beta testing, etc. Anyway, I trying to learn some flash skills from my pal thebluedragon. If im lucky, I'll probaly post this on January 21th.

Other news, I just started I new collab called "The Legend of Zelda Collab". I'm planning on releasing it in mid-May. If anyone is intrested in joining, Email me. Click this link for the information


I'm hooked on Starfox 64

2008-01-04 18:17:54 by Ogama-Prime

So, It's only a few day until I start school and weight lifting again, so I won't have a lot a time to finish the video. Anywho, I found a series on Youtube called "Lylat Wars Extreme". It about starfox 64 going on missons and they screw around alot. I watched them all and they were really funny. Here are the links.
(There on Youtube, turn back if you not like Youtube videoes)
(Coudn't fix the links, so just type in "Lylat wars" in google video)

Beside the homsexual jokes, the people who make this have good voice actors. I think i'll try to get of hold of them sometime so that would help with my flash. The truth is, I don't have really good voice actors because it is really hard to contact the people who want to join. Anywho, my flash is about 10% done, but due to school coming to a close, I won't have enough time to finish the flash.
Also, I got Starfox 64 on my wii for 1000 wii points from the Wii shop. I played it like 5 times for a couple of days and it was really fun.


I'm hooked on Starfox 64

Happy New year!

2008-01-01 17:59:16 by Ogama-Prime

Hey guys. I had a great New year. I had a lot of food, played lots of games and I hung out with my family.

Also, I also found a wii shop on my wii. With the help of my brother, I bought two games: Super mario bros. 2 and Paper Mario, together cost 1500 wii points. I played Paper mario for a few hours and It was fun. I hoping to get my own real credit card soon so I gets others games.

Now, onto my work. Well, It's been some time since I made a real flash. Anyway, I decided to start making "The Rockets". I planning on making it in between 2-4 minutes. I'm hoping I can get it done soon. I have my brother, me, and my friend Ganga doing the voice acting. This time I'll really put more work in it.

See ya. :D

Christmas update

2007-12-25 19:09:37 by Ogama-Prime

Hey guys, I sure had a hell of a christmas today, first I had goten a Plasma TV for me and my brother's room, then I got 3 new games:
-Mario and Sonic at the Olymitic games
-DBZ: Buduioki Techioki 3
-Guitar Hero 3, legend of rock

Also, my brother and I went to Mcdonald's for some chicken and fries and made it home safe and sound.

Now for the other news. Well, I decided to cancel the Smash brothers collab because I hardly won't get the chance to get alot of people in time for the release, and plus I decided to work on my pal, e104joker, on his collab instead.

Also, I'm holding up auditions for my new series, "The Rockets". I hoping that I'll finish it in Mid-January. If anyone is up for it, I would apreciate it. I'll make the first episode at least 3 1/2 minutes long. Here are the characters for the first episode

-George- tough guy, butal
-Chuck- retarded, screws up
-Ginovonni- evil, talks about World Domination
-Ash- main character of pokemon, talks like a young kid

Peace. :D

hey guys. For people who are wondering, my name is Ogama-Prime. I'm a good flash animator.

I starting up a new collab. It's Called "Super Smash brothers Collab". Anyone who like Smash Brothers should join this. Here are some rules.

-No Nudity or sex.

-Flash size: 600x450

-FPS: 24

-Sprites only. (A couple of drawings you can put as long as they're good)

-Flash file needs to be under 700 KB.

-Your flash has to be good. Don't make it too long. The battle has to be good.
Your character must battle with another brawl character.

-The only sprites acceptable are Smash brothers brawl characters.

-No music. Sound effects are acceptable (Don't make your file size to big)

-Some of guys can put funny bloopers for the extras menu. here some part I think will be most interseting.
1. Bloopers
2. Profile
3. Game
4. Credits
The Profile and the credits are inportant for me. The game and bloopers are you choice. But I will make it a bit better. If you are making a game and Bloopers, then it has to be really good.

-I'm planning on releasing it on the day Brawl is released. (Feburary 10th, 2008)

Anyway, Here's the list of brawl characters that I think are aceptable. (Some I may have misses):

1. Mario
2. Luigi
3. Princess Peach
4. Solid Snake
5. Metaknight
6. Yoshi
7. Link
8. Donkey Kong
9. Diddy Kong
10. Zelda
11. Kirby
12. Mewtwo
13. Lucario
14. Ganondorf
15. Pikachu
16. Master Hand
17. Captain Falcon
18. Fox
19. Falco
20. Ice Climbers
21. Samus
22. Mr. Game and Watch
23. Sonic
24. Jiggypuff
25. Ness.
Others Smash Brawl Characters that you know.

That's pretty much it.
Anyway, Send your flashes to me. here's my link:


Super Smash Brothers Brawl collab