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2008-04-13 15:54:27 by Ogama-Prime

Hey guys. It's been a while since I touched flash. So I decided to make another movie. Based on "Chrono's Trigger". The storyline will be the same as the game except in my own way. The only problem is: I need voice actors. Just like the rockets, I need voice actors. I need at least 3 voice actors (Including me). For people out there, please help me out. Here are the list of people for voice acting.

Chrono (Ogama)




Man #1 (Ogama)

Man #2

I guess that's it. I won't go in depth with the story because I haven't beaten it yet. I only got to the first boss of the game. I guess it won't matter in the first episode because I'm expanding it from the beginning to the time warp. I hope I can get the done soon. Don't worry.


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