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Mario Kart Wii game controls

2008-03-19 20:40:45 by Ogama-Prime

So, I heard of a Mario Kart game coming out for the Wii in April. I usally think to myself: "What are the controls are like when you use the wii"? So I decided to share the control predictions with newgrounds.
(Note: I don't know what the controls are in the game, this is just a prediction).

Wiimote: Held sideways (NES controller).
Tilt left: Left
Tilt Right: Right
Tilt Back: Brakes
A: Accelerate
B: Activate item
2: Reverse
1: Pause
+: Pause (Maybe)

The game also comes with a Wii Wheel. To check out the information, here a video link from Youtube. 1tYg

I excited to get the game soon. Also to spend my time, I gonna finish off the game I'm just making called "Duck Hunt" with the characters from duck hunt. I'm almost finishing it. I couldn't finish it before becuase I spended most of my time making videoes for Youtube then Newgrounds and I played a lot of VC games on my Wii. Don't worry. I'm not done yet.

PS: Here is a Picture of the Wii Wheel.

Mario Kart Wii game controls


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