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New Account.

2008-09-05 18:21:57 by Ogama-Prime

I started a new acount. Don't ask here, ask at the other post. Click on link below.

FireBlazeProducions acount

Note: All flashes here will be deleted in a few days.

New Account.

FAQS / Update

2008-08-28 22:13:34 by Ogama-Prime

Wassup, people! Since Pigeonmaster and Emanthen made FAQ's post, so I decided to make a FAQ's post for the hell of it. First off, let's go over a few things:
1. I'm not a goddamn google. Some stuff that you guys will ask me that you can pretty find by yourself, so do it and stop being a lazy asshole (No offense to people who start new at flash).

2. Get flash before you start commenting bullshit.

3. Don't spam my flashes when your done reading.

Okay, here we go.

Q: What Flashes are you making?

A: Mainly I do sprite flicks. I often times find ways to increase both my flash skills and trying to draw.

Q: Where did the idea E'E'n'E Sobe came from?

A: I wished I had a good explanation, but I don't. I sorta did it because I like watching the show on Cartoon Network and became very popular in both awesome and hilarious. So I made both the eds and sobe to see what it becomes, hoping I get a bad response. But surprising, I did not see one comment that was a hate response. That was awstruck because In thought people would call it shit and email and comments saying "GTFO Newgrounds". I okay how it turned out.

Q: Will you make number 3?

A: That rarely depends. Because It look really crappy and I hardly find any good humor out of what I made. So I don't except a #3. Sorry.

Q: Will you do a collab with me?

A: I'll only join depending on these options:
- If you have great flash skills close to or high above my skills.
- More than 2 people in it.
- If I like the idea.

Q: Will you teach me flash?

A: No. I don't teach people flash skills. I recomand if you go to the NG forums or search on google and youtube, you'll most likely find some tutorials to teach you skills.

Q: Where do get your sounds from?

A: I get sounds and music that I record or get from a well known site, which I will not tell you. Find it on your own.

Q: Where did you get the sprites?

A: Same previous anwser.

Q: Do you have a website?

A: Acually, I will soon. It won't be out until I make the site which I will do for christmas.

Q: Do have a series planned?

A: Yes. I do have an idea for a series on pokemon. It not be called the rockets anymore because I don't think the plot of it didn't go well. I keep the title secret for now. But the problem is that the flash contain voice actors and dialoge, so people who wanna try to addiction, go right ahead and PM me.

Q: Why does It takes so long to make flash?

A: Because I have a freakin' life and I hardly get enough time on the computer except on he weekends, and also because I try to come up with some interesting stuff.

Q: What flash projects are you working on now?

A: Mainly I taking a break from sprite movies and trying drawings, also I have school again. It will take twice as long then before.

Q: How long have you had flash?

A: A year, so far.

There you go. That all the questions for you guys.

Peace, Suckers!

Happy Birthday ME!

2008-08-25 23:25:45 by Ogama-Prime

Happy Birthday to me! Well, yesterday was my birthday and what a birthday it was. I got so may cool things and did awesome things on my birthday. I gotten four games entitled: LoZ: Twilight Princess, Sonic 360, and No more Heroes. Awesome :D. Also, I ha some fun with my bro and his friends. I made a brawl tournement and me and the others were compettion. I won 3rd place, didn't expected to win, but can't win them all. I underestamated my bro's friend.

Anyway, what else is there? Oh yeah, the flash. Well so far I only got the Menu and scene Select finished. So for people who wanna guess what my flash is about. The movie will be called "Wario Land 4 Crackups". That's right, a wario flash. Since I'm soon gonna get the game "Wario Land Shake" as a soon-to-get game, might to make something during the time. I thought "Why not Wario Land" since I haven't seen anyone made a Wario Land Flash. The one flaw with this is that I lacking most jokes. I need to try find inspration and thought to try make the flash that I want it to be. Unlike most of the flashes I made, I want to make this flash epic and halious. I'm just trying to take my time and try to think of stuff that will be funny, but I'll need some help. With school being almost a few days away, I won't have much to think of funny stuff.

What I want is for people to make or find movies that are halious. Email me a link in the description or post in the comments on what it is. Anyone else can try to make their own movies are try to cheer me up with some fun stuff. The Flash might be done in a month.

Anyway, to leave off to school. I leave a funny picture I took of Gotanks, cause he is AWESOME!!

Now I'm off to bed! Peace.

Happy Birthday ME!


2008-08-10 00:18:44 by Ogama-Prime

Ain't I a bastard or what?

Also, New flash is being made. Keeping secret for now.



2008-06-08 15:10:09 by Ogama-Prime

Hey, guys. I'm back and I'm on SUMMER VACATION. Yep, that's right. I'm on vacation for 2 1/2 months. I just telling you some shit I did for my time.
In April, I got Mario Wart Wii and played various modes for the past few weeks. I stopped when I got sick of the stupid cheap AI. The AI really does kills the game for me. To me, it's not really skilled based anymore, it's more like luck based. I really can't explain better to you guys. Anyway, I was hoping mario kart Wii would be good, but sadly, not as good as Mario Kart DS. It's was sad for me.
Also, I going back to playing some of my retro games from the past. I playing:
Donkey Kong 64 (N64)
Perfect Dark (N64)
Kingdom Hearts 2 (PS2)
Paper Mario: TTYD (GCN)
Super Metroid (SNES)
Yoshi Island (SNES)

Yeah, I know. A hell of alot of good games. I'm first playing Kingdom Hearts, then to DK64.

For most of the people saying like "Where are your next flash movies coming out?", Well you see, I haven't been a lot on flash because school was a fucking bitch. I consumed almot half of work time. I have a 1/4 of playtime, so I only get an 1 1/2 of work and that's just to get a menu half done. But now that I finished school, I can get some more to work on my other stuff.
To people who were waiting for my Duck Hunt game, I have to say, I'm sorry that I can't finish it. seriously, I couldn't even think of what will happen next. Two reasons:
1. I didn't had a lot of time and I wasn't motivated to make it.
2. I was horrible at Actionscripting.

Alright, enough of the stuff I was talking about, moving on. So, I making this new flash called "Mushroom Thrist". I will be finished by either the end of Summer of in early Fall. There is one thing I need help on: I need voice actors. Yep, A new flash that will have voice acting. I will submit a format on Youtube in a few days. I ask for some people to help voice act some parts of the movie. Here are the Characters that will need voice acting:
Mario: (Not taken)
Luigi: (Not taken)
Toads: (Not taken)
Princess Peach: (Not taken)
Bowser: Ogama-Prime (Me)
Dark person: (Not taken)

If you want to take part of this, just send a message to me on either Newgrounds, Hotmail, or Gmail.

Ogama-Prime (Newgrounds) (Hotmail) (Gmail)

Anyway, Peace.

change my mind

2008-04-13 17:47:04 by Ogama-Prime

Acullay, never mind. I don't want to make a chrono trigger movie. sorry. -_-

Voice actors

2008-04-13 15:54:27 by Ogama-Prime

Hey guys. It's been a while since I touched flash. So I decided to make another movie. Based on "Chrono's Trigger". The storyline will be the same as the game except in my own way. The only problem is: I need voice actors. Just like the rockets, I need voice actors. I need at least 3 voice actors (Including me). For people out there, please help me out. Here are the list of people for voice acting.

Chrono (Ogama)




Man #1 (Ogama)

Man #2

I guess that's it. I won't go in depth with the story because I haven't beaten it yet. I only got to the first boss of the game. I guess it won't matter in the first episode because I'm expanding it from the beginning to the time warp. I hope I can get the done soon. Don't worry.


2008-04-07 23:09:09 by Ogama-Prime

I was bored. I decided to post this.

P.S: This is from the episode "Buu Muntiny".


Mario Kart Wii Trailer!

2008-04-05 21:09:01 by Ogama-Prime

Hey, guys. I just want to inform you that there is a Mario Kart Wii trailer.

Here's the link


Only 3 more weeks, people.

I am excited to get this game. Here's a banner of the game.
(Programs used:

Mario Kart Wii Trailer!

Mario Kart Wii game controls

2008-03-19 20:40:45 by Ogama-Prime

So, I heard of a Mario Kart game coming out for the Wii in April. I usally think to myself: "What are the controls are like when you use the wii"? So I decided to share the control predictions with newgrounds.
(Note: I don't know what the controls are in the game, this is just a prediction).

Wiimote: Held sideways (NES controller).
Tilt left: Left
Tilt Right: Right
Tilt Back: Brakes
A: Accelerate
B: Activate item
2: Reverse
1: Pause
+: Pause (Maybe)

The game also comes with a Wii Wheel. To check out the information, here a video link from Youtube. 1tYg

I excited to get the game soon. Also to spend my time, I gonna finish off the game I'm just making called "Duck Hunt" with the characters from duck hunt. I'm almost finishing it. I couldn't finish it before becuase I spended most of my time making videoes for Youtube then Newgrounds and I played a lot of VC games on my Wii. Don't worry. I'm not done yet.

PS: Here is a Picture of the Wii Wheel.

Mario Kart Wii game controls